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Geodetic support stroitelstvacredo_da
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Geodetic support stroitelstvacredo_da

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geodetic support of construction

preparation of information for cadastral systems (land methods of collection of information)

linear and vulgar engineering researches of objects industrial, - civil and transport engineering

creation and reconstruction of city, boundary, state reference networks

geodetic support of geophysical methods of investigation

surveying ensuring works when mining in the open way, transportation of oil and gas


Basic functions

import of the data obtained from electronic loggers and tacheometers - formats:
 - - - - - - - Trimble (R4, R5, Rec500, M5), - Nikon (RDF), Geodimeter (ARE, JOB)
 - - - - - - - Topcon (GTS6, GTS7), Leica (GRE, GSI), Sokkia (SDR2x, 3x)
 - - - - - - - PENTAX (DC1, AUX, CSV) UOMZ (2ta5, 3ta5, 4TA5)
 - - - - - - - configured by the user

import of coordinates (X, Y, Z), these measurements from text files in - any formats configured by the user

processing of tacheometric shooting with forming of topographical objects and their attributes according to field coding

preprocessing of measurements, accounting of different corrections — - atmospheric, influences of curvature of Earth and a refraction, transition to a relevancy surface. Reduction of the directions and lines on an ellipsoid, the plane in a cross and cylindrical projection of Merkator (CK42, CK63, CK95, UTM and it similar) or user with the configured values of shift on X, Y and scale on an axial meridian

equalizing planned (linearly - angular) and high-rise (systems and the courses of geometrical, trigonometrical leveling) geodetic networks of different forms, classes and methods (a combination of methods) of creation, carried out in the parametrical way according to the least-squares method. An opportunity to carry out joint equalizing of measurements of different accuracy and different techniques with the unrolled assessment of the accuracy including ellipses of errors is provided

identification, localization and neutralization of gross errors in linear angular measurements and leveling automatically (Lp – a metrics) and in a dialogue mode (tracing)

design of reference geodetic networks, choice of the optimum scheme of a network, necessary and sufficient measurements, selection of accuracy of measurements



setup and use of several qualifiers, processing - code lines of expanded system of coding for field registration - geometrical and attributive information on topographical objects

creation and use of own systems (sets of codes) of field coding

transformation of coordinates - Helmerta, affine, recalculation of coordinates from rectangular in geodetic

design in the binder of drawings and printing of graphic documents and tablets

rasschet and printing of sheets of the return geodetic tasks in different types

setup of output documents under standards of the enterprise of the user, national standards and languages with use of the generator of reports -

export of data to the systems Mapinfo, ArcViev, to an open exchange format, to the formats configured by the user, to the DXF format



Basic data

files of electronic loggers (tacheometers) and GNSS systems

hand-written logs of measurement of corners, lines and exceeding

raster files of cartographic materials

coordinates and heights of starting points

working schemes of networks and calculations



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